Parents, Children, and Respect

The children are the future. Hence, it is critical to raise a strong and well disciplined child.

What is the proper way for children of all ages to speak with parents?

Rarely will you find today a parent who does not complain about how teenagers and young people treat their parents and non-family elders. Disrespect seems to dominate much of today’s younger generation. One day, the same young generation will grow up and become parents. So I wonder, what they will say about their younger generation?!

Respect Parents - Quran

Respect Parents - Bible

The fabric of our societies is deteriorating as fast as our values are. For whatever reason, many parents seem to believe children should be treated as equals, and children in turn demand parents to treat them as equals. This equality is false.

Children should always cherish their parents – wrong or right, and should appreciate every moment with their parents for as long as they can. All of us, young and old, must remember at all times that our parents gave us – their children – something we will never be able to repay. With exception to some anomalies, most parents provide love, security, and especial care raising their children. Parents of all types usually try and do their best to make sure their children are safe, healthy, and happy. This deed does not stop once children become older and independent. What children don’t understand is how difficult parenthood gets as children get older and try to discover themselves. Children should benefit from their parents’ experience and wisdom during their maturing phase for parents are like the “Light House” that can guide them sailing away from the rocky shores.

Getting older and more independent does not mean a separation from our parents. It means it is our responsibility now to care for our parents hoping to repay some of what they did for us. Spending their lives raising us earned them the utmost respect and honor. Treating them with anything less is “ingratitude”. So, next time you feel the need to talk back to your parent, think about what you owe them for this, not equality.

N. Darwish

Peace Upon You!

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